Root Cellar - General Operations

This is Root Cellar's ongoing fundraising effort to raise extra money to fund special activities, make equipment purchases and provide services and benefits to the public and its members. Root Cellar has a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax exeemption (i.e., is a public charity) which means some or all of your donation may be tax dedutible.
After filling out the below form and pressing the "Submit Donation" button, you will be presented with the Review & Confirm page. If your information is incorrect use the browser back button to return to this page. Otherwise, enter the displayed security code to prove you are not a robot and press desired payment button.
Paying by check
or money order?
Make your check payable to "Root Cellar" and mal to:
Root Cellar
P.O. Box 265
Sacramento, CA 95611-0265
If possible, use the provided option to print and enclose the payment voucher. Otherwise, be sure to write the purpose of the payment on your check.
Paying by credit
or debit card?
This form uses the PayPal service to process credit and debit card charges. If you are planning use your credit or debit card for your donation, please click on the screen icon on the right to display an image of the initial PayPal screen and the "Continue" link that you should click. Ignore their advertising. You do not have to create a PayPal account to provide payment. If an email address is provided to PayPal, it will email a separate receipt to you.
Click here or on the above image.
Useful Tips:
  • If you are logged into the website, the form will contain the contact information from your member record.
  • Make sure your email address is correct so that you will recieve the emailed receipt.
  • If you do not have a phone or would rather not disclose its number, then type in one of the fake ones used in movies (e.g., 916-555-1234).
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