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  • Root Cellar Ramblings Blog is now celebrating its 3rd year of existence. YAHOOOOO!! YIPPPEY!! It is our 3rd Blogiversary and we are thrilled and continuing to get stronger and better. Check out the Blog and see what we have been doing. Sign on with your email and receive the posts directly in your own email box. Don't miss out. posted 29Apr2014sb
  • Mark your calendar! Root Cellar's next seminar has been scheduled for March 21, 2015. Click here for more information.  posted 4/11/2014 
  • ​ The ROOT CELLAR PRESERVES digitalization project is complete. Downloadable fully searchable copies of the Preserves from January 1979 to the present are now posted in the Members-Only section. Thanks go to John Jay for the scanning and Ron Setzer for file preparation and posting.  posted March 2014
  • Root Cellar members can now post suggestions on how to improve this website on a new message forum. Click on the "Forums" menu to go to that page.  posted March 2014
  • Something is happening at Root Cellar's Libary. See below for details.  posted March 2014
  • The current issue of ROOT CELLAR PRESERVES (Vol. 36, No. 2) has been posted in this website's Members-Only section. All members are emailed a copy.
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Something is happening at our Library

Over six thousand books! Periodicals from more than 300 genealogical societies across the U.S. and Canada! That's what you will find in Root Cellar's library located at the California State Archives building. Volunteers are creating an online catalog of the library's holdings. An older draft list is available as a downloadable PDF file. Eventually that list will appear on the website's Library page (currently empty). For more information and to download that draft listing, click on RC's Library Catalog in the menu to your left.

Wednesday, Jul. 23rd:
Root Cellar SGS - Reunion for the MAC SIG

Brainstorm solutions to users' problems, questions & explore ins/outs of the best Mac genealogy program.

Contact  Ron Setzer  papasetzer@comcast.net to be added to our email list. All are welcome.

Friday, Jul. 25th:
Root Cellar SGS- Extractions

Contact: Marilyn Ulbricht 


A lot going on with this committee. But we can always use more help. You know those records that you are looking for in another state, we'll as we are extracting those same records here, we hope someone in another state is doing the same. You can see why it is important to join in, it is not difficult, hand writing might be a challenge, but there is lots of support to help you. Find out if you would like to do this.

Extra Hands are always Welcome
Saturday, Oct. 11th:
Sacramento Archives Crawl
Sacramento Archives Crawl is an Archives Month event held every October. Crawlers tour among four host archives in Sacramento, gathering stamps in their passports as they view treasures from dozens of archives and special collections libraries, visit with archivists, and go on special behind-the-scenes tours. Root Cellar will be staffing a table at the Sacramento State Archives.
For more information: